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BX-520 Myfascial Massage Gun

BX-520 Massage Gun

Regular: $99.95

On Sale: $45.99

-Muscle conditioning before and after workout.

-Release lactic acid built up.

-Prevent muscle injuries.

-Relief muscle soreness.

-Improve blood circulation.

-Helps with plantar fasciitis pain.

F8 UVC-280.jpg

F8 UVC-280

Regular: $49.99

On Sale: $39.99

-Convenient pocket size sterilizer capable of destroying virus, germs, bacteria up to 99% using the most powerful level of UVC light at 253.7 nm.

-Powered by 4 of AAA batteries.

-Safety switch, easy to use.

-Eco-friendly and health friendly, optional alternative choice for to chemical disinfectants.

Mini Snack Bag Sealer.JPG

Mini Bag Sealers (2)

Regular: $14.99

-Portable easy to use mini heated sealers for plastic snack bags.

-Powered by 2 of AA batteries.

-Includes 2 sealers (white/pink).

-Keeps food fresher longer.

-Makes sealed packages convenient for storage, school lunches and travel.

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